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Everyone wants to live in a safe, comfortable, energy-efficient home, but most houses today fall short, not only because of worsening weather and higher energy costs, but also since they were built with antiquated methods and materials.  It seems we hear about homes and lives being destroyed every day by windstorms, floods, wildfires, droughts, gas leaks and explosions, and even coal ash and oil-spills.  Even our energy source itself is sometimes interrupted by these events, leaving us without heat or power when we need it most.

But there are ways to prepare for this ‘new normal’ while simultaneously ending its cause, by reducing or eliminating our home's fossil-fuel energy needs.  Replacing coal, gas and oil with renewable sources like solar panels is one way, but 'Weatherizing' a home first makes more sense, by sealing air leaks and adding insulation.  After all, the cheapest and cleanest energy is the kind we don't use!  But before Weatherization (WX) can be done correctly, we need to measure and find the leaks and poor insulation with an Energy Audit.

Better Building Institute's mission is to help homeowners reduce their energy consumption and survive the coming weather threats caused by a changing climate.  Founded in 2008 in the St. Louis area as a non-profit educational organization, BBI's low-cost energy audits include thermal imaging scans, a blower-door test, a basic home inspection, and consultation on what to do about the results, in exchange for donations supporting our cause. We also offer classroom training on Do-It-Yourself Home Weatherization, and doing it professionally.  After more than twelve years of experience in home-inspections and energy-efficiency training/consulting, if we don’t have solutions to your home's problems, we'll help you find them.

Because we believe that helping you cut your fossil fuel use will help save the planet from global warming as well, we also offer free seminars on climate change and DIY Weatherization.

Taking this mission one step further, BBI also offers consulting to prospective homeowners who want to build a totally zero-energy and weatherproof house.  We can show anyone who has lost a home to extreme weather events (or wants to make sure they won't) how to build one of these new "SuperHome"s, and how to do it for about the same price as a normal house.

Please check out the headings above and on the left, to learn more about BBI’s services, and feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. All donations go solely towards covering our operating expenses.

  Visit us at the MISSOURI BOTANICAL GARDENS Earthways Center Home Performance with ENERGY STAR booth in St. Louis area homeshows.